Leonel Romero is an Assistant Professor of Marine Sciences at the University of Connecticut, Avery Point. He received his Ph.D. in Oceanography from the Scripps Institution of Oceanography in 2008.

His research combines field observations and numerical modeling to study air-sea interaction, upper-ocean processes, ocean waves, and coastal processes. His main objectives are to improve understanding of wave-current interactions and their impacts on surface wave breaking, air-sea fluxes, and applications. Other research interests include the transport and dispersion of tracers near the ocean surface and the underlying driving processes such as winds, waves, fronts, eddies, and Langmuir circulation.

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  • Air-Sea Interaction
  • Upper Ocean Processes
  • Ocean Waves
  • Coastal Processes


  • PhD in Oceanography, 2008

    Scripps Institution of Oceanography

  • BSc in Physics, 2002

    University of California, San Diego